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We research and develop patents for your products and business. There are different search engines for the same, but our expert search services will give you away. At the beginning of our company`s growth, the VLS team went the extra mile to support us. In our growth plans, VLS will continue to be our most trusted legal service provider and we will fully recommend them. The answer to this question is quite simple: our experienced and competent commitment to our customers. We offer the best legal services because we choose only the best and perfection is the absolute minimum in our business. We provide IP monitoring and tracing services to help you identify and evaluate third-party IP or technology in order to eventually obtain licenses and grow your business. Virtue Legal Services offers comprehensive and efficient solutions for all legal, regulatory and compliance support for your business with the promise of expert accuracy and high efficiency. Paralegals are those who regularly assist lawyers and lawyers in various tasks.

As a rule, law firms or. Melodie also represents clients in complex corporate transactions and regularly negotiates and drafts asset sales and share transfer agreements, tower rentals, programming, loans and licenses. She provides intellectual property advice, including copyrights, music licenses, service marks, online digital streaming and podcasting, terms of use, privacy policies, and website legality. The entire legal administration process is long, resource-intensive and complex. An inexperienced attempt that does not have the required level of expertise. Any type of legal service is incomplete without a review of legal documents. However, it is also a service that requires a lot of time, effort and concentration. Worked on the preparation of over 120 applications from new FM broadcasters submitted to the FCC in a non-commercial education submission window. Assist clients in amending bylaws to meet FCC points system qualifications, ensure antenna site availability, meet legal qualifications, coordinate with consulting engineers, budget and secure commitments to finance station construction and operation, meet public disclosure requirements, negotiate settlement agreements, prepare petitions against Competitors and defend against petitions to reject applications. With a professionally equipped team, Virtue Legal Services aims to answer legal and business knowledge management questions. Knowledge management. Performing and optimizing sensitive searches and managing information accordingly can be very beneficial for a company to manage its legal and .

The legal negotiation of the terms and conditions of the transaction to be contracted can also be facilitated by highly qualified lawyers. Our highly qualified and practice-experienced lawyers provide IP drafting and enforcement services as required. For legal issues where litigation is not enough, specialized arbitrators are needed to enter the scene. With years of experience and expertise. Contracts are concluded by companies with third parties in order to legally negotiate on the market. Therefore, obviously contract. Our legal experts are seasoned professionals who have been working in the legal field for over a decade and more. Our LPO provides efficient services at a reasonable cost, so you can enjoy the best services without burning a hole in your pocket. Assist television clients with the digital transition and completion of broadcaster-specific forms, such as DTV`s quarterly education reports on Form 387 and DTV progress reports on Form 388, quarterly reports on children`s television programming on Form 398 and Form 317 Digital Ancillary and Supplementary Services Reports.

Worked on a complex share sale transaction worth over $100 million for the sale of a former broadcaster in a key Northeast market. Assist the client in the transfer of assets to other companies for sale to third parties and in setting up new business units to facilitate multiple transactions. Work with the FM Main Committee to assess issues related to the joint housing of television stations in a high-rise building where most broadcasting stations are licensed for a large U.S. market. Negotiation and drafting of tower leases for broadcasters as tenants to lease premises to tower owners and for tower owners to rent to third party users. Defending clients before the FCC in connection with regulatory reviews and negotiations of consent decrees and toll agreements. Development of a model universal settlement agreement for a trade association to assist competing low-power FM broadcasting (LPFM) competitors in resolving their mutual exclusivity.