New Law for Undocumented in Ireland

Sheron Buzuzi felt shocked when she heard the good news that she would benefit from a new regularisation programme for undocumented long-term migrants living in Ireland. The program is not without its shortcomings, starting with the fact that only irregular residence is taken into account in the residence criterion, which excludes those who have obtained a temporary residence permit in recent years. However, Ireland`s adoption of the programme is a clear signal to undocumented migrants and other EU Member States that truly inclusive action is possible. The undocumented program was closed on July 31, 2022. The international protection regime was concluded on 7 August 2022. Under the six-month scheme, residence permits may be issued to persons who have lived in Ireland for at least four years without a residence permit, or at least three years if they have children under the age of 18. Persons whose application for residence and expulsion order are pending may submit an application. Spouses, children over the age of 18 and common-law partners may be included in the principal applicant if they have two years of undocumented residence and can prove the relationship. People who have been in the asylum procedure for at least two years have a separate route to apply for a separate route. The list of documents is now available for undocumented applicants and applicants for international protection. Sinnott Solicitors Dublin and Cork are pleased to learn that thousands of undocumented migrants will be displaced from Monday 31 May. January, the regularization of their status. Justice Minister Helen McEntee referred to it when announcing the programme last year, noting that Ireland « must show the same generosity towards undocumented migrants living in our country that we ask of other countries ».

Research shows that undocumented migrants may have difficulty accessing services in Ireland. The recently introduced programme to regularise undocumented long-term migrants could significantly reduce the size of this group in Ireland. However, some policy challenges remain, both for those who do not regularize under this programme and for future undocumented migrants. More than 7,800 undocumented migrants have signed up under a scheme launched earlier this year to gain legal status in Ireland. More than 7,800 undocumented migrants have applied to legalise their legal status to live in Ireland under a « life-changing » government programme that ended on July 31. *If you are undocumented and living in Ireland and wish to apply for a residence permit, we strongly recommend that you contact the Migrant Rights Centre Ireland first. because they can continue to clarify the criteria and provide you with accurate information. On 31 January, a regularisation programme for undocumented migrants was launched in Ireland.

The scheme was first announced in April 2021 by Justice Minister Helen McEntee and will allow undocumented migrants to obtain Irish residency and access the labour market. The program also creates a legal pathway to citizenship. According to Info Migrants, despite the high number of applicants, not all were qualified. There are an estimated 17,000 undocumented migrants in Ireland, including 3,000 children. The scheme, launched in January 2022, has been hailed as a « once-in-a-lifetime opportunity » for Ireland`s estimated 17,000 undocumented migrants, including 3,000 children, to apply for a Stamp 4 permit to live and work in the state. The study found the absence of public service firewall regulations that ensure that a person`s undocumented migration status is not shared. NGOs stress the need for clear firewall rules between migration authorities and police, labour inspectors and social service providers. Such a system was put in place during Covid and assured undocumented migrants that they could get vaccinated without fear of their data being shared with migration authorities. Ireland introduced the regularisation programme for undocumented long-term migrants in January.

The program gave all undocumented migrants a window until July 31 to become legal citizens, reports. No, the program allowing undocumented migrants to apply for legal status was closed on July 31, 2022. If you still haven`t received your E-Vetting invitation, please send an email to check what happened. It costs €550 to €550 for a person to apply for the undocumented regularization program, and €700 for a family. Asylum seekers who applied for the parallel asylum zone were exempt from paying fees. More than 1,450 undocumented people have received their papers since the launch of the programme, while 7,840 applications have been submitted during the six-month programme, according to data published by the Ministry of Justice to The Irish Times. In the last week of the program alone, 640 applications were submitted.