Monster Jam Requirements

Update August 15, 2019: Monster Jam Steel Titans is the complete monster truck experience in an epic game! Take on 25 of the best trucks in the industry with a GeForce GTX 460, Radeon HD 6670 or Intel HD Graphics 530! Perform breathtaking stunts and leave crowds around the world speechless as you dazzle them with your moves. There is even a huge open world full of sick terrain where you can unleash the beast. Below are a few gaming computers with images showing how many games are running on each. Each computer has been tested against the minimum and recommended requirements of more than 8,500 of the latest PC games. Click here for more options. A: You can get information about the discount on group tickets by calling a group sales representative. To find the phone number of your local representative, please visit your local events page in You can also contact your local location for more information. All customers aged 2 years and older require a ticket.

No costumes for guests aged 14 and over. Please consult the website`s website for health and safety policies, including face coverings and access requirements, which are subject to change. Check Monster Jam Steel Titans 2 system requirements. Can I run it? Test your specifications and evaluate your gaming PC. System Requirements Lab runs millions of required PC tests for more than 8,500 games per month. INAPPROPRIATE CLOTHING: Clothing that is not approved for a monster jam show and may result in denial of entry or exclusion from the show includes, but is not limited to, costumes worn by guests 14 years of age or older. Log in to as a preferred customer or visit and select « Register ». Registration is free. Forklifts travel in designated flat areas with the goal of turning the truck as often and as quickly as possible. This is an evaluated competition. We do our best to perform in as many cities as possible over the course of a year, and we vary our itineraries from time to time. Unfortunately, route changes sometimes make it impossible to access the cities in which we have already played.

The latest timetable information can be found using the « Buy tickets » search function. Please note that this page only displays confirmed performance dates – new cities are regularly added to our show schedules. WHAT CAN WE DO BETWEEN THE PIT PARTY AND SHOW TIME? Unless otherwise stated, all content in the show is copyrighted by Feld Entertainment and/or its licensors, all rights reserved. No sequence of our events, neither still images nor videos, may be used for any purpose other than personal. Therefore, reproduction, modification or redistribution in any form by any means other than personal use without prior written permission is strictly prohibited. Please note that publicly posting, uploading or sharing online, including but not limited to social media, is not an authorized personal use. Participants perform tricks and stunts throughout the ground area at any given time. This is an evaluated competition. To build a Monster Jam track, truckloads of dirt are brought to the facility and brought to the surface. The height depends on the size of the building or stadium. Teams work for days to build a base and then build obstacles. All obstacles are carefully measured to ensure fairness while providing the thrill of inspiration.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions or comments about Monster Jam? The safety of Monster Jam fans ensures a pleasant experience. Track designers have a « safety handle » consisting of several rows of seats closest to the venue`s exhibition space. This area must remain free of spectators at all times during a performance. Monster Jam works with each site for evacuation plans and other safety issues that may be unique to that location. Monster Jam is the only sport where fans are the judges. Using the website, fans will be asked to score points for competitors based on the performance fans have seen. The highest score in the Judges` Zone determines the winner. Please refer to the customer support team at your local arena or stadium for policies. Our shows follow their guidelines regarding items allowed in the complex. If they refer you to us, please read their online policies or ask them questions about the items in question. HOW CAN I BUY SOUVENIRS OTHER THAN AT THE PERFORMANCE? Jam monster shows take place rain or shine, but safety is always the deciding factor. In case of cancellation/postponement, updated information will be provided when a decision is made regarding a change to the scheduled show.

In most arenas, children under the age of 2 have free admission as long as they are sitting on a parent or guardian`s lap. Children aged 2 years and older require a ticket to all events. Public events laws can vary nationally and from county to county, and some arenas may require all visitors, regardless of age, to have a ticket. Please contact your local arena to confirm their specific policies. Monster Jam riders have several options to perform the best stunt and get at least two wheels in the air. This is an evaluated competition. We recommend that you dress comfortably. Practical shoes are recommended to navigate safely in the steps of a place.

Appropriate clothing, including footwear and shirts, must be worn at all times. All our shows offer a relaxed and family environment. Clothing that naturally exposes excessive skin or body parts that may be considered unsuitable for a family environment are not allowed. With this in mind, we ask you to exercise discretion and common sense. Here`s your guide to Monster Jam®, the most action-packed four-wheeled motorsport event. At the event, you`ll see world-class athletes and best-known trucks tear the earth apart and compete in intense competitions for speed and skill. It is possible, but not guaranteed. Some of our Monster Jam Shows may use pyrotechnics before, during and at the end of our events. The unsung heroes of Monster Jam can be the technicians responsible for keeping the Monster Jam truck in perfect condition. Like Monster Jam pilots, technicians can come from many backgrounds, but the focus is on experience and training. Many have attended automotive-related programs at technical schools. Specialties such as welding and manufacturing as well as engine maintenance are useful.

Much of the work is done on site and they are integral to the success of a Monster Jam Truck. This adrenaline-filled family entertainment showcases some of the world`s most famous trucks with world-class drivers pushing these perfectly designed vehicles to their limits in freestyle, 2-wheel skills and racing competitions. Monster Jam promises to put families on the edge of their seats during this unexpected, unwritten and memorable event. Monster Jam returns on the 19th. February 2022 back at AT&T Stadium! The Pit Party is a pre-competition event that takes place from 14:30 to 17:30. Activities are limited based on event, venue and local authority policies, which are subject to change at any time. DO I NEED TO BUY A TICKET FOR MY YOUNG CHILD SITTING ON MY LAP DURING THE ENTIRE SHOW? Most stadiums/arenas do not allow entry without purchasing another ticket for the event. Once in your place, a good time awaits you at our events! Most families between the booth party and the main events can enjoy the concessions, shows and other announcements made before the main event. Monster Jam trucks are designed to protect the driver at all times.

A specially designed roll bar is built for the driver, who often sits right in the middle. Specially designed seats that adapt to the driver`s shape allow for work with minimal distraction. A five-point harness is securely attached to the truck to keep the driver in position. The truck contains a receiver for a Remote Ignition Switch (RII). A special radio can be used to transmit a signal to the truck that shuts down the engine. Each truck has a second on-off switch located at the rear of the chassis. Other safety devices are designed, constructed and prescribed to ensure the safety and operation of the truck. BIG AIR: Monster Jam trucks can take off up to 30 feet in the air and travel over 130 feet.