Wisconsin Ephedrine Laws

2. If the person recruited, hired, directed, employed or used to purchase the product pseudoephedrine is a person under the age of 18, the actor is guilty of a Class H felony. Law enforcement agencies say the legislation will help reduce purchases of products containing pseudoephedrine, one of the ingredients used to make methamphetamine. « This law is intended to allow retailers or pharmacies to share information with each other so they can check for themselves how often or how much pseudoephedrine a person is buying, » says Andy Falk, field operations supervisor for the West Central Drug Taskforce. At this time, you will need to show identification to purchase the medication behind the counter. Every month, people are allowed to buy up to 7.5 grams of pseudoephedrine. This corresponds to 3 boxes 24 hours Sudafed. 2. No person shall acquire a product containing pseudoephedrine for the benefit of another person with the intent to facilitate the manufacture of methamphetamine by another person. Every person who contravenes this subsection is guilty of a Class I crime. (a) No person shall knowingly recruit, hire, direct, employ or use any other product to purchase a pseudoephedrine product on his or her behalf with the intention of acquiring more than 7.5 grams of pseudoephedrine in a pseudoephedrine product within 30 days. « One way to get around these laws is that people who make or manufacture methamphetamine actually have several other people sending them to stores to buy cold, » says Falk.

961,453 purchases of pseudoephedrine products on behalf of another person. « It helps pharmacists say, oh ok, if I give this person Sudafed, let me see if they were in another pharmacy 5 blocks away, » says Carleigh Olson, a health educator with the City and County of Eau Claire Health Department. 1. Except in the cases referred to in subd. 2. Every person who contravenes paragraph (a) is guilty of a Class I crime. Pharmacies in all but ten states are currently using the system. This online system will be free for all pharmacies. Health officials say this information sharing with all pharmacies is necessary to stop the spread of this methamphetamine epidemic. « In Eau Claire, we have a problem with methamphetamine, just like in many northern counties, and this is just another tool for professionals to prevent access to these drugs, » Olson says. Guidelines for purchasing your typical cold medicine are changing in Wisconsin under a new law signed into law by Governor Walker.

« The ability of retailers to monitor these individuals to launch their own investigations and assemble the pieces early on, we`re going to see an increase in calls from retailers selling the drugs to people, which will likely increase the number of methamphetamine manufacturing cases that we`re working on from a law enforcement perspective, » Falk said.