Valor Prima Legal 2020

Article 7 of Law No. 1 of 1963 stipulates that the transport allowance must be included for the payment of social benefits, i.e. the service bonus and redundancy payments. According to the national government, the bonus again applies to domestic work©: « Any natural person who provides services to households, including tasks such as cleaning, cooking, laundry, ironing, gardening, family drivers and agricultural workers. » The strategy has been positive, which is why President Iván Duque attended the National Assembly of the National Association of Traders (Fenalco) in recent days, mentioning that his government is working to make the eventual advance payment of the premium for workers a state policy. For more information, see our analysis of the withholding tax provided for by the June 2022 law. At Actualícese, we prepare for you this handy calculator that will help you determine the value of an employee`s bonus. If there is a case where workers entered on a certain day but received the bonus for the day they signed the Eje contract, did they start working on 15 January, but the contract was signed on 20 January? Depending on whether the private sector employee is subject to withholding tax procedure 1 or 2, the payment of his or her legal premium, if it is less than $4,813,000, may not include withholding tax. You should average the whole year, if you have not received a bonus, no later than June 30, if you do, from July to December. A service premium is a monthly salary for each year worked that an employer must pay to its employees (including housework). If less than one year has been worked, the payment is proportional to the time the employee was logged in. Other important aspects to consider are: Hello, I have a concern, a worker who had an income of 1,700,000 from July to October and on November 1st they increased it to 2,300,000, has an average overtime of 25,972, for me his base salary would be ((1,700,000 * 4) + (2,300,000 * 2))/6 = 1,900,000 + average of 25,972 HE = 1,925,972, But is it okay if the system averages the value of the transportation aid and adds it to the base salary? Knowing that the last salary does not apply to the transportation allowance.

Therefore, the employee must receive the sum of $640,447 as a service bonus. Finally, « December came with its joy, the month of celebration and animation », as the popular song says, and with it the relief that represents for many Colombians the payment of the premium, a supplement for their pockets and the economy in general. It is also very good news in the difficult monetary context that the coronavirus pandemic has created for so many families in recent months. Hello, in January 2022 I had a disability for 7 days paid at 66.66%, does this concern me the average to pay the service premium? The minimum wage for this year 2020 is 877,803 pesos. Employees who receive this monthly payment are entitled to an additional 15 working days in June. Of course: an essential prerequisite is a formal employment contract. Those who have worked for six months or more can receive their full bonus. Meanwhile, those under six months old will also receive money proportional to what they worked (although their contract must have started before June). If you earn minimum wage and have worked in the last six months, the value of your June bonus should be 438,901 pesos. The amounts accumulated during the semester are added up and an average must be taken in 165 days, since the last three months, April, May and June, have worked half the time and the premium corresponding to this time is paid.

Compared to the other, if working half the time, as was an agreement between the parties, it is legal and you will be paid for the time you actually work. Bnas too late if they don`t pay me transportation assistance and I earn what my premiums would be This would not affect the premium as the concept of the loan would be a deduction and for the average salary to pay the premium, only payments or income are taken into account. A person who earns minimum wage and has been associated with the company for a year will receive half of their salary in June without any reduction (for example, health and pension payments). In addition, although the transport subsidy does not constitute a salary, it must be included by law in the basis for calculating the premium. The income must be considered as what the employee received during the period of incapacity for work and pay the corresponding premium. Good evening, I received the premium for the month of June I worked there 1 1/2, but I have been disabled by semen since September 2020 Am I entitled to the full premium or do you have a discount? asks how to calculate the premium of a salary of a person who earned a variable salary only 3 months out of the 6 months of the premium, divide the variable into 6 periods or divide the variable into 3 months and add the base salary¿+ Remember that the maximum time available to the employer to pay the premium for services, is December 20 and must be billed between July 1 and December 31, so if the employee hires concepts such as overtime and bonuses between December 20 and December 31, they are outside the basis calculated on December 20 or the date of its settlement. For Colombians who have a formal employment contract, the premium depends on the time they have worked with their employer. It is important to mention that for the payment of the semi-annual bonus, in addition to the base salary, certain additional payments received by the employee must be taken into account. As a result, the employee is entitled to $708,586 as a service bonus for the first half of 2022. Hello, my concern is the following.mi salary is 1 `but to this a value of 320,000 is added for the concept of the motorcycle, since I am a messenger.

The value of the bonus includes only the base salary? In the following video, Dr. Angie Marcela Vargas, a specialist in labour law, explains whether or not trainees are entitled to the service bonus: If you have spent less time in the company and want to calculate the value you will receive, you can do so by multiplying your base salary by the time worked (number of working days) and dividing it into 360. Note that workers who receive transportation assistance and earn less than two minimum wages must include this value in the base wage at the time of calculation. If you earn a minimum wage (877,802 pesos), you will receive half of this value plus half of the transportation assistance, for a total of 490,327 pesos bonus in June. Overtime, premiums for night work, Sundays or public holidays must also be included in the calculation.