What Can I Do with a Bachelors in Law

While students who plan to attend law or graduate school may opt for a Bachelor of Laws, other students prefer to use the degree to secure immediate employment. Students can find law degree programs in law firms, law enforcement agencies, government, and businesses. Several career opportunities in private law firms are available to those with a Bachelor of Laws degree: legal assistant and legal administrator are all available as entry-level positions. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for paralegals and paralegals was $50,940 in May 2018. While many employers prefer to hire candidates with bachelor`s degrees, law firms also hire paralegals with associate degrees. The career of a legal librarian requires a thorough knowledge of legal publications in order to be able to retrieve and classify them in an organized manner. In addition to managing a law library, staying within budget, and acting as an information centre for legal resources, the Law Librarian is often responsible for conducting extensive research at various levels of law, including, but not limited to, legislative history, news and media, business information, etc. As a law librarian, you can work at a university, law firm, or for the government.

A master`s degree in dispute resolution is a great option if you are not considering becoming a lawyer, but your job requires negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution skills. Individuals with this degree work in areas such as business management, industrial relations, human resources, and social work. Some universities offer this degree as part of a joint Young Women program. A Bachelor of Laws degree opens up a variety of law-related careers for students. Generally considered a pre-law degree, a Bachelor of Laws degree prepares students with the information needed to enter many different careers within the legal profession. While training is not enough for a career as a lawyer, there are still plenty of job opportunities for graduates. Wages for these jobs are provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Litigation consultants work with lawyers and law firms to help them present their cases. While they do not necessarily address the law on which the case is based, litigation consultants work to improve the rhetoric and clarity of the arguments made. Litigators also play a crucial role in helping lawyers develop their jury strategy and jury selection. This job is ideal for those with a Bachelor of Laws. Another important role that process consultants play is the preparation of witnesses at trial.

Student advisors earn an average salary of $50,410 per year. Legal Secretary A Bachelor of Laws degree offers many benefits that people may not even realize. In the past, students started with an associate`s degree, which taught them the basics they needed to get started. Things started to change. Now, many universities and colleges are phasing out their associate programs and adding courses to the bachelor`s program. This means that students receive a deeper education in less time, allowing them to advance their careers much faster. There are also real estate agencies that host both a practicing lawyer and a real estate agent. With a Bachelor of Laws, a career as a real estate agent is definitely a step towards achieving your professional goal. Companies employ many lawyers. They also use law graduates for all kinds of work that touches on legal issues.

Enterprise contracts are complex and vital for any business. Reviewing contracts requires a thorough understanding of business law, but also a solid reading and analytical skills – two skills that most law students possess. Contract managers also work hand-in-hand with lawyers, so sharing the same vocabulary is also crucial to success. Contract directors are also reasonably well paid with an average salary of over $70,000. Most law professors are hired after a remarkable career in law. However, there are many teaching opportunities for law school graduates that do not require a long legal career. Many community colleges hire law graduates to teach paralegal courses. Law graduates with a strong writing background may also find teaching assignments in legal writing and research — often in law schools that employ faculty for these courses. There are also apprenticeship programs for LSAT preparation courses or bar review courses. Finally, online legal education is gaining popularity and could provide another teaching opportunity for the law school graduate. If you want to know more, contact your admissions counselor and ask for a list of law school careers.

They can provide you with a comprehensive list of career opportunities that benefit from a law degree or certification. You can also talk to a lawyer in your area and find out what many lawyers or judicial authorities are looking for. Legal secretaries fulfil a specific function in the legal world. A legal secretary, who is essential to the operation of many law firms, is often the intermediary between the firm and the courts. Legal secretaries are responsible for preparing and submitting legal documents. These documents can be appeals, motions or other important legal documents. Legal secretaries are extremely important in the world of law. A legal secretary earns an average salary of $51,740 per year. In this article, we discuss career opportunities for people with a law degree. Top 6 Jobs You Can Get with a Law Degree With today`s technological advancements, the librarian profession has evolved in terms of technical responsibilities.

Cloud applications have increased the need for a more organized, secure, and scalable database that can be updated as new cases emerge. Human resources professionals deal with a variety of topics that touch on sensitive issues and have potential legal consequences for the employee and the company that employs them. Strong experience in employment law is an important advantage for law school graduates seeking employment in a human resources department. In addition, HR departments are increasingly data-driven, and successful HR professionals need to analyze complex data to find models and solutions, just as law students are trained in school. HR professionals also engage with real people, making it a great option for law students who enjoy working face-to-face with people. Not all professions that have to do with the law involve police officers, thieves and lawyers! The real estate profession requires some knowledge of the law at the local level. Buying and selling real estate involves tons of paperwork that must be submitted to the city. The city needs to keep track of who owns what, especially when it comes to land. In some states, a lawyer deals with these matters.

In others, real estate agents take care of all the documents and registrations. Commercial and private real estate agents draw up rental and purchase agreements, which must be legally correct. The value you attach to studying law online depends on how successful you want to be. Even the highest quality degree program won`t be worth the money you paid for it if you don`t put everything you have in the top grades. If you do everything you can to learn as much as you can and succeed in becoming the best at what you do, then your online law degree is worth the money, time, and effort you`ve put into it. The more you invest in your education, the more valuable the payment will be. People who have a passion for law have many different options to choose from when it comes to career choices. Law degree programs are available online and on campus, giving students the skills they need to succeed in almost any type of legal career. As learned in a legal studies program, police officers use the verbal and persuasive skills of pre-law majors when educating the public and seeking their cooperation with the law. This type of career can be worked on at the local, state, and federal levels.

In general, social workers must have a bachelor`s degree in social work or psychology. However, in the case of departments that provide social care, those with a law degree are hired to assist clients with previous legal problems. Many of us have our own ideas of what it means to be a police officer. While we can understand the physical demands of responding to emergency calls, suspicious activity, and apprehending criminals, there is a certain level of academic expertise required for such a profession. What we don`t see, or maybe haven`t realized, is that these professionals have a job to do. In addition to patrolling the streets and handing out speeding tickets, law enforcement officers are responsible for maintaining public order. To do this effectively, they must know and understand the law to enforce it and issue citations to those who break it while patrolling, investigating crimes and arresting offenders. In addition, they often have to write reports that contain details of crimes accurately and accurately.

A paralegal is often seen as the first step on the path to becoming a lawyer. Paralegals play an important role in the litigation world. While other assistant jobs tend to focus on logistics management, a paralegal takes a closer look at the legal underpinnings of a particular case or process. Paralegals work closely with lawyers to help them draft cases.