Weird Illegal State Laws

The internet is very enthusiastic about all of Alaska`s bizarre moose laws, such as the alleged illegality of giving a moose a beer. Unfortunately, this is all old and/or fake, but here`s one that`s still close to elk: If you kill a moose (or big game), no matter the circumstances, you should at least try to preserve the meat so people can eat it. I hope you know how to do it. Mages who want to pull a coin out of your ear will have a hard time in Hawaii. This is because it is illegal to put a coin in your ear in the state. What for? This is due to the cultural traditions of Native Hawaiians. In the state of Missouri, it is legal for anyone to sterilize a bull, ram or boar that has been roaming freely for three days, as long as three residents of the city in which it is free serve as witnesses to its destruction. It`s obviously illegal before or with fewer witnesses, so don`t even try. In Huron, South Dakota, it is illegal to cause static electricity. At least it`s illegal between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m. After 11pm, yes, going crazy, I guess. Patriotic anthems are very popular songs at sporting events and other gatherings, but you`d better perform them properly in New Mexico.

It is a minor offense in the state of New Mexico to sing only part of the national anthem or state song « Oh Fair New Mexico. » Both must be sung or played « as a separate composition or number ». There is also a national version of the Dry Peas and Lentils Council. But North Dakota obviously decided it needed a more state-focused group to celebrate chickpeas, lentils and lupins. In some states, it is legal to engage in activities that cause changes in the composition or behavior of the atmosphere. But not in Colorado without a license. Many states have specific regulations for hunting and fishing, but a somewhat amusing regulation in Kansas is that it is illegal to hunt wild or furbearing animals from a motorboat, airplane, or motor vehicle. Want to learn more about funny, obscure and crazy laws in the United States? Put your knowledge to work with a degree in criminal justice from Olivet Nazarene University. While it is no longer officially illegal for anyone to use vulgar or obscene language in the presence of two or more people, people are still not allowed to display obscene stickers, paintings, stickers or emblems in public on motor vehicles or clothing. There are human trafficking laws around the world, but especially in Pennsylvania, it is explicitly illegal to trade for or with a baby. To get a better idea of how strange U.S.

regulations can be, we`ve compiled 15 of the weirdest laws from across the country. In Oklahoma, it is illegal to be occupied. That`s right – no listening in this state. It turns out that a toxic relationship is illegal in some places. One of the strictest laws still in place is in the state of Michigan, where cheating on your spouse is a crime. However, prosecutions for adultery are rare. The spouse who is the victim of adultery must file a criminal complaint within one year of the crime. One man`s garbage is certainly not another man`s treasure in Idaho, as it is illegal to sweep up debris on roads, highways, alleys or other roads used for public transportation. If only other cities applied this law! It is illegal to fall asleep lying in a cheese factory in South Dakota.

Although technically illegal, Arkansas has passed laws that « discourage » mispronunciation of its name. Better not to try to pronounce phonetically Arkansas – the provision explicitly states that « pronunciation with the stress on the second syllable with the sound of `a` in `man` and the sound of the terminal `s` is an innovation that should be discouraged. » New Jersey is the last state where you`re not allowed to pump your own gasoline. Chris Christie has tried to blame women before, but it`s divisive enough that you can probably find the scapegoat of your choice. Either way, stay in your car when you refuel in Jersey. You don`t need to tip the person who comes pumping your gas, but a dollar or two is always good. Never get caught tickling a woman. It`s illegal in Virginia. Never insult someone on the phone or use their name in the same profanity sentence. Is it acceptable to do it in person in front of your face? You can`t throw yours out of a moving car in Oregon. Also, don`t think about leaving a container of pee on the side of the highway unless you also want to give the state $250. Going back to archaic and draconian laws, under Nebraska law, it is illegal for anyone with a sexually transmitted disease to marry. This law is absolutely ridiculous and impossible to enforce, because a marriage certificate does not require a blood test.

In Utah, it is illegal to « cause a catastrophe. » State law defines a disaster as widespread injury or damage caused by weapons of mass destruction, explosion, fire, flood, avalanche, or building collapse. I hope you don`t travel by train across the state, because you have to do it soberly. If you want to be drunk on a train, all you have to do is wait until you`re back in another state that cares less about these things. Make sure you don`t keep your Christmas decorations after January 14. Pull. It would ruin people from other states to settle there, sometimes keeping them until Valentine`s Day. A Vermont state law defines clotheslines as energy devices based on renewable solar energy and prohibits any government body from enacting laws prohibiting them.,them%20in%20the%20long%20run. It sounds weird (not to mention the Constitution), but the state of Mississippi passed a law in 2013 declaring that people can only have one child without being married. If you have a second illegitimate child, you can expect fines or even jail time. These four states are known around the world for their great natural beauty.

Therefore, together, they decided to make billboards illegal in order to preserve their breathtaking nature. In Hawaii, where billboards were banned in 1927, there have been only 18 exceptions to the law since it was passed. This Empire State law isn`t exactly enforced these days, given that New York State is very pro-mask, but before COVID, it was actually illegal in New York City to wear a mask or face changes unless it`s a pre-approved event or party. Don`t you dare to drive a camel on the Nevada highway. Apparently, what`s happening in the state doesn`t just apply to Vegas. There are many laws that make perfect sense – we don`t want it to be legal to hit and run or break into a house to steal a TV. In addition to all these practical rules, there are laws that are so strange that they are almost unbelievable. Nebraska is the only state where it is illegal for a bartender to mix alcohol with beer.

That means no kettlemakers, bourbon in your beer keg, or any other famous cocktail that mixes alcohol with beer. The « boilermakers` law » of the prohibition era has been discussed within the state government, but has yet to be rescinded. There is no evidence that all these strange state laws still exist. However, you can always find some of them in books or confirmed by lawyers. If you want your happiness to be told, you won`t find it in Yamhill, Oregon.