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Result fees allow a client to pursue their case without having to pay their lawyer in advance. They also avoid large bills while their business is in progress. This can help low-income people access legal aid. We have our No Win, No Fee guarantee policy to give you peace of mind that if you don`t get compensation in your case, you won`t have to worry about paying our fees. Our experienced employment lawyers in Los Angeles are confident that our knowledge, resources and commitment to ensuring justice for our clients will set us up for success. We ensure that our clients receive maximum compensation for their huge losses. Many employment lawyers don`t like to work without earnings or fees because the risks are too high. While risk is clearly an important factor, we have been acting for employees and managers for many years and are well positioned to assess these risks. Employment lawyers are lawyers who handle cases that specifically involve employment law issues. Labour lawyers ensure that workers are treated fairly and equitably before the law.

In addition, a labour lawyer can give workers valuable advice about their rights and inform them if their rights have been violated. An employment lawyer can help you with salary and hour issues. For example, if your employer doesn`t pay you the correct minimum wage, or if you`re asked to work outside hours without pay, you deserve to receive the wage you rightly deserve. The main advantage is that, as an employee, you can assert your claim without fear of incurring costs that may exceed the amount of compensation you can claim from your employer. By entering into a no-fee agreement with our employment lawyers, you can have peace of mind and we can focus on achieving the best outcome for you without risk factors. Not all cases can be accepted on a win-nots-free basis, but we will do our best to do so if this is your preferred cost option, no matter where you are in the UK. If you send a lot of detailed information, we may have to charge a limited initial flat fee to properly review everything and advise you on the merits of your case. You can also find it on our free legal advice page.

We also offer a range of telephone consultations on the assessment of paid cases. You can speak to an employment lawyer as soon as possible. If you have legal expenses insurance (usually as part of a home or auto insurance policy), call them and let them know you want to make a job claim and have found a replacement. We would then contact them and start pursuing your claim. You would then pay our fees at the end of the case and you would receive your full compensation. To solve this problem, all our lawyers adhere to a no-winning, no-fee guarantee policy. So if we can`t do justice to your case, take advantage of our world-class legal services for free. If you need assistance, please click the button below and use our quick and easy form to submit your application today and one of our free lawyers will get back to you. >>> Our experienced employment lawyers can legally represent you in all types of employee-related disputes, including: Yes. The ACAS Conciliation Service will mediate with your employer before going to court. It is now required by law.

However, we recommend that you always seek advice from a qualified lawyer as soon as possible. Our employment law experts can give you all the advice you need and they can also help you with the ACAS process. A no-fee lawyer can give you the opportunity to hear your case without spending as much money as with a lawyer paid by the hour. Your lawyer can review your situation, advise you on possible strategies and outcomes, and represent you before an authority or court. Case 5 – We acted on behalf of an employee in relation to a complaint of discrimination based on disability, including failure to make reasonable accommodations. Due to the nature and extent of the employer`s failings, our client felt that his position had become untenable and did not want to remain employed. We were contracted under a « No Win No Fee » agreement to negotiate the client outside of their employment relationship as part of a settlement agreement. In addition to our client`s dismissal and holiday pay, we were able to negotiate compensation of over £17,000 for discrimination based on the disability our client faced and job loss. This means that if your case fails (i.e. you are not able to settle your claim or win in employment court), you do not have to pay the attorneys` fees we have incurred. Likewise, you do not have to pay anything upfront and, as such, there is minimal financial risk for you if we decide to advance it on a no-win, no-cost basis.

You only have to pay your lawyer`s fees if your claim in the employment court is upheld, either through a settlement or a contentious hearing on damages that we successfully recover on your behalf. * That`s why Kingsley and Kingsley Employment Lawyers in Los Angeles offers no-earnest, no-cost representation and litigation services. This means that we give our clients the assurance that we will only be paid if you receive compensation in your case of work. We provide free assistance for a range of employment law issues such as unfair dismissal, disguised dismissal, discrimination, whistleblowing and illegal wage deduction. Tom`s 10 helpful how-to guides will help you successfully overcome employment issues. You must start the application procedure three months less than a day from the date of your dismissal, the last illegal salary deduction or the last act of discrimination. The deadlines are very strict. It is extremely rare for a claim to be filed late. Our employment lawyers are able to advise you on deadlines and assist you in filing your claim. If we manage to win your case, the costs you pay will be 35% (VAT included) of all damages refunded. If we receive a settlement on your behalf, we will retain 35% (VAT included) of all payments received.

This is the absolute maximum percentage a lawyer can charge you for their fees. An agreement based on damages allows you to bind us with respect to your right to employment without the risk of paying fees upfront. This means that you will only pay anything if your claim is accepted or if we obtain compensation on your behalf and our costs are deducted directly from the compensation you claim. Case 1 – We acted on behalf of two employees who worked for a national supermarket chain and both of whom were subjected to a campaign of homophobic abuse and discrimination. Both staff members were able to explain in detail the nature and cases in which they experienced such discrimination, which we were able to present to the tribunal. We acted on a « no profit, no cost » basis for these clients, meaning there are no upfront legal fees for both clients. We managed to settle both people`s claims to compensate them for over £15,000 in financial losses and emotional injuries. When you contact our team of employment law experts, we will book you a free consultation and let you know if we think you have an employment claim where we can help you on a no-earning, no-cost basis.