Muzzle Brake Legal in Ny

Featureless is just that features can`t have mouth devices I currently have an ar with a pinned mag, but don`t dig in and convert to featureless. I will nail the butt, switch from a pistol grip to a resurgent arm grip and remove the bayonet lock. The only thing that puzzles me is the mouth device? Are you okay?? If not, can I delete it and replace it with something compliant? Or am I bolted and need another gun? Thanks for the advice. That is not correct. The SAFE Act explicitly prohibits flash diaphragms, initial brakes, expansion joints and threaded cylinders. It does not prohibit all mouth devices. You can put/weld everything on a barrel that is not a hidden lightning bolt, brake, compensator or anything that is not already prohibited in New York. Ultimately, if you`re arrested for this, it`s because of the argument your legal team can make on your behalf. If you have a pinned/fixed charger, you may have features. If you have a detachable charger, you can`t. The document published by the top comment goes beyond what is prohibited for rifles with detachable magazines, including muzzle magazines. If you convert your rifle to offside to accept detachable mags, you need to get rid of the muzzle device as well as the other features you mentioned.

I live in NYS and I wonder if I can put a wire on my Glock 19 to put a muzzle brake on it. I have my pistol license, of course, but I have a hard time knowing what I can and can`t do with my Glock 19. At Cross Armory, we are committed to making it easier to deal with strict gun laws. We work with gun stores across New York and are happy to recommend one near you. Feel free to contact [email protected] if you have any questions. Happy hunting! The SAFE Act has made it difficult for gun owners to comply in New York. Owners of AR-15s and other semi-automatic rifles must comply or risk a criminal record. Any AR that has not been registered or brought into compliance is a collective offence.

Our AR FIXED MAG solution permanently holds a 10-shot magazine in place. FAST PINS then give the fastest access to Topload. Here, too, New York law requires chargers to be permanently attached, which then only allows top-down or side-loading. While you can register your AR, we recommend using a stationary magazine solution or working without features instead. Our New York-specific product line – AR FIXED MAG, QUICK PINS, PIN PAL, SIDE LOADING and TOP LOADING bundles – has been developed and patented specifically to allow owners to be New York compliant without having to register their weapon. Hey, if you don`t have the Resurgent Grip yet, check out my feed on r/gunaccessoriesforsale, I`m selling a complete featureless Resurgent kit, brand new. The state considers any medium-fire semi-automatic rifle to be an « assault weapon » if it has any of the following characteristics: I thought there was a letter or statement saying you`re good as long as you use red loktite on the cap? There are a few options to consider when buying an AR-15, AR-10 or other platforms. Keep in mind that New York needs a solid magazine at all times unless the gun is inoperative, and magazines are not allowed to hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition. To learn more about New York`s SAFE Act, click here or here. It won`t fly. You can use the same barrel by getting a cap that needs to be pinned and welded so that it cannot be removed.

Or get yourself a new barrel and/or rod. It does not say so explicitly. So one interpretation of the law is that if you use loctite, that`s enough. Others disagree.